DEDE and The Lost Hat release TODAY!

Are you feeling bored?
Are you more in-tuned to improved ways of Learning Excited Stories?
Do you want new book for your children?
If "YES" of any questions above, then you are reading your right book already!
I am an author, cartoonist, and 2D animator that thoroughly enjoys food, family, fun, and writing! Speaking of writing, I'm so excited about DEDE AND THE LOST HAT series! I am having a blast creating the characters and watching them overcome challenges. I hope that you enjoy the series as much as I do and that it will empower your children.
This beautifully illustrated and amusing children's storybook introduces the endearing character, Dede the rat who runs across the jungle. One morning he found a small yellow cap and take it on his head. Every animal was appreciating him. Except crocodile. Why Crocodile not like it? The answer is on this book.
Quick and short stories read aloud in around five minutes. Bond with your child through family Storytime and strengthen a love for books and reading.
then, what are you waiting for?